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Top 5 Analytics Predictions for 2015

2014 was another banner year for data and analytics. Machine to Machine (M2M) morphed to The Internet of Things (IoT). Disruption was more threat than reality, yet some organizations did innovate. There was still a lot of focus on data and technology, less so on people and processes.

So I predict 2015 will be a year where organizations pay more attention to the “softer side” of analytics. Or more succinctly? As a colleague touted, “You can get the technology right, but it’s the people and processes that will kill you.” (more…)

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Customer Stars Are Going to Shine Over SAPPHIRE NOW Orlando

by Trish Harman, Information Management, SAP

A certain mouse, a big whale, and a wizard won’t be the only stars in Orlando this May 14-16, 2013!

Come to the SAPPHIRE NOW conference to learn about information management and you’ll get to meet our customer stars!  SAP has lined up some great customers to share their stories on exciting topics like information governance, big data, master data management, data quality and integration, and content management. (more…)

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Webinar: The Art of Analytics: Creating Intelligent Business Decisions

By Amy Randers Harrison, SAP

As the mind of today’s business manager continually evolves, generating actionable intelligence has become more than just a scientific exercise of moving data from one place to another. Leveraging a strong analytical mindset, top performing companies employ a well-honed artistic touch to business analytics in order to properly shape insight to the right job role, the right function, and the right person, all in a timely way.


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Why Silos Are Best Left in the Barnyard

By Karl von Beckmann, SAP, North America Marketing

If you are in business you are probably aware of the term ‘siloing’. Even if you’re not a technical person, you have probably felt the effects of this concept; even if you didn’t know it. The impact of data silos for businesses is difficult to calculate because it is measured in lost time and lost opportunity. It simply represents a massive inefficiency in data management best practices. (more…)

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Information Governance and EIM sessions at ASUG’s Annual Conference

by Ina Felsheim, SAP

A business is only as good as its data. The accuracy of enterprise information is the foundation for a business’ success—or failure. The 2012 ASUG Annual Conference will help you learn which SAP enterprise information management tools will help you to eliminate cracks in that foundation, and how to get started with these tools. If you are trying to find a way to convince your company that information should indeed be treated as a true enterprise asset, this conference will definitely help you. The conference includes many sessions on Enterprise Information Management (EIM) and Information Governance.


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