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Drive Return on Assets by Governing Asset Data

For capital intensive industries like Oil & Gas, Utilities, Telecommunications, and Manufacturing return on assets (ROA) is a critical performance metric, as it measures how efficiently management is using its assets to generate earnings. Maximizing ROA depends on optimal equipment productivity throughout the entire equipment lifecycle. The utilization of capital equipment is largely determined by the duration and frequency of planned maintenance and unscheduled plant stoppages due to equipment failure. (more…)

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It’s Not Your Grandfather’s Governance

by Chandran Saravana, Predictive Analytics, SAP

I’ve been interacting with a few customers over the last few months, and our core discussions have focused on data governance with respect to the new age of data discovery and predictive modeling. One of the repeated discussions we had was about the gap between the governed and ungoverned, and many of them see that it’s widening. Several of the executives worried about the mainly known perils of ungoverned data discovery, predictive modeling, and ultimately, the applied decisions. (more…)

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An Information Management Thanksgiving

by: Ina Mutschelknaus, Solution Management Director, EIM

In this blog, I outline some of the great trends that keep information management practitioners thankful in 2011, including new product releases and Big Data.

Thanks again to Nitin Joshi for writing some great guest blogs on the strategic questions for information governance.

Closing out the US holiday week (Thanksgiving), here are a few things that information management wonks can be thankful for:


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Information Governance Tips + Tricks from a Practitioner

By Ina Mutschelknaus, Senior Director, EIM Solution Management

SAP is leading a series of Information Governance workshops, co-sponsored by Deloitte. The first of these workshops kicked off last week in Palo Alto. It was awesome. I’m providing a quick highlight in this blog, but feel free to email Philip On for details on upcoming workshops.


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New thought leadership white paper: Integration Information Management Infrastructure

Shawn Ahmed recently published a thought leadership white paper making the case for a best-of-suite EIM vs. a best-of-breed solution.

In this paper, he discusses the efficiency, process standardization, effectiveness, and reduced risk that are provided with a best-of-suite approach.  He states,  “Best-of-suite solutions are those that are delivered by software suite vendors and designed to plug into existing IT architectures. This helps maintain a standardized IT environment that allows organizations like yours to continuously realize the benefits of integration.”

Please use this paper  to facilitate your customer-focused information and data management strategy discussions.

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