How to Stay Ahead of the Competition: 20 Tips from SAP Predictive Analytics

by Isabelle Nuage, Analytics, SAP

Today, organizations need to run at market speed and differentiate themselves by anticipating risks and opportunities in real time. With the competition growing more fierce, they have a much shorter time to act and react. The good news is that predictive technology is becoming accessible to non-data scientists and statisticians.


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Why You Shouldn’t Target the “Most Likely to Respond” Prospects

by Bruno Delahaye, Predictive Analytics, SAP

A few months ago, I was talking with a friend who happens to be one of the top executives in a large EMEA bank. He asked me a very intriguing question, “Why do you think my bank isn’t targeting the prospects who are the most likely to respond to my marketing campaign?” Despite scratching my head for few minutes, I didn’t come back with any reasonable answer.


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Maximize Sales Revenue and Margin

by Peter Rojas, Solution Management, SAP

According to Aberdeen’s report Leveraging the 360-Degree Customer View to Maximize Up-sell and Cross-sell Potential by Peter Ostrow, 52 percent of best-in-class sales organizations actively analyze or segment their customer base in order to identify cross-sell opportunities. But how can companies achieve this with extreme data volumes that have hundreds of thousands of customer interactions every week from multiple systems, resulting in millions of orders and billions of line items? And how can they deliver these recommendations to the field for sales execution?


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Innovations in Marketing: Optimizing the Sales Channel with Better Information – IDC Featured Article

By Rich Vancil, GVP, IDC Executive Advisory Group

Evolution of the Marketing Job Function

The most commonly heard word in marketing organizations today? “Transformation.” Dramatic transformational change is sweeping through marketing functions in most industries. And the main “change agent” is the new buyer. Our customers and prospects today are crafting their own routes to learning about products and services. They are capable of educating themselves and learning from peers, and they enter the domain of their vendors as smarter and more empowered. This new dynamic creates volumes of new data and customer intelligence opportunities for vendors. Where did our Buyers come from? What do they know already? How do we really add value to where they are in the process of discovery about our product or service?


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Market Better, Sell More, and Retain More Customers with Analytics in SAP CRM

by Peter Rojas, SAP

Aberdeen’s July 2011 paper on sales intelligence, “Chance Favors the Prepared Mind” by Peter Ostrow, discusses some burning issues faced by chief sales officers (CSO):

  • Strengthening the ability of sales teams to attain quota: best-in-class sales teams meeting quota more often than laggards
  • Improving customer retention: best–in-class companies have a 90+ percent customer retention rate vs. laggards
  • Increasing revenue per customer:  best–in-class companies experience double-digit growth rates


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