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How to Manage the Data Explosion and Benefit Your Customer

Today we are digitally connected, socially networked, and better informed. Customers live “in the moment,” interacting with friends and sharing their views with hundreds of thousands of fellow customers. They are changing the rules of engagement and, through that, becoming more empowered to make – or break brands overnight. This data explosion inside and outside the organization plus channel and device proliferation, creates turbulence that impacts every CMO. This leads to a ripple effect, necessitating that marketing departments become more technology-enabled and make the right investments in IT. (more…)

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Part 2 – Trust, but Verify: Enterprise Security

In this five-part series, I’m walking you through some of the details around trusted data discovery, or governed data discovery. The goal is to get you past the mom-and-apple-pie idea of trusted data discovery, and into some specific areas you can address at your company.

In Part 1, I covered trusted sources. Part 2 instead focuses on a secure, stable, scalable platform for analytics. (more…)

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Achieve Big Results with Big Data

Undoubtedly Big Data is here – and it’s growing even bigger by the second.

People get excited about Big Data, not just because it’s big but also because it holds the promise of providing big impact and return for the business.

But Big Data by itself is of little use. And so far, few organizations have been able to harness it and make a big impact on their business, whether it’s for customer retention, improving financial planning, or optimizing marketing campaigns. (more…)

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Building A Company Culture Driven By Insights

By Jen Cohen Crompton, SAP

A common challenge CIOs and those responsible for business insights and/or innovation face, is that not everyone believes in these solutions – or more specifically, believes that how they do business needs to change and that new processes will provide that competitive edge.


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Bringing Big Data to Life

There’s been a lot of hype and hyperbole around big data in the past few years, with many technology companies jumping on the bandwagon to reinvent themselves and generate new revenue streams.

At SAP, what makes us different is that that big data has been part of our DNA for years, before the term was even coined. Our core ERP solutions laid the foundations for the data-driven economy, enabling the industrialisation of reams and reams of data across industries for the first time.


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