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Delivering Superior Sales Performance with Predictive Analytics

Can analytics be used to improve sales performance? The answer from Greg Petraetis, head of analytics, SAP North America, is a resounding “Yes”.

When Greg first took over his team, which is charged with driving SAP’s leadership position in analytics, he had a theory that better intelligence about customers could help shorten sales cycles, increase pipeline, increase revenue, and grow SAP’s market share in analytics. In just six months that theory has proved to be true. (more…)

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Let’s Get Excited – Analytics as your Core Competitive Weapon in 2016

Have you read Forrester’s 2016 predictions for business? Analytics is clearly indicated as a core competitive weapon that you need to be successful and win in your business. Forrester emphasizes correctly that analytics should be on the top of any CXO’s agenda in 2016. I cannot agree more. Let’s discuss why this is so important. (more…)

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Powering Executive Decision Making with Real-time Analytics

Executives are extremely busy people, always on the move from one meeting to another. Meetings where they need information to make decisions and drive the business forward.

At SAP that information used to be delivered as static reports in Office formats or pdf. The information was only as good as the time the report was produced. Easy to view on a desktop or laptop, the same files could just about be viewed on a tablet or smartphone, but it wasn’t easy. (more…)

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Big Data’s Biggest Opportunity: Finding New Venues and Champions for Business Benefit

For marketers and data-driven business people, Big Data is often viewed as a way to go deeper…more data volume to apply to the problems we’ve been dealing with, adding social data or other variety to areas we’ve investigated before, or enabling faster turnaround, velocity, to accelerate outcomes. But the bigger opportunities may be in the area of a 4th “V”, addressing new venues for business benefit of analytics. (more…)

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Are You Ready To Take The Leap From Descriptive Analytics To Predictive?

Predictive analytics and the whole data science realm has really become front and center in the news these days. Somewhere between the hype of Big Data solving the world’s problems and data science proving to be the missing link in every analyst’s toolbox, there’s a little matter of actually making it work in your business. (more…)

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