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SAP Predictive Analytics 2.0: From ‘Sense and Respond’ to ‘Predict and Act’

Tools previously in the domain of data scientists are now available to the rest of us.

How does a company go from building one predictive data model over several weeks – to creating more than 500 in a single month? (more…)

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SAP – A Leader in Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions

Forrester Research recently published “The Forrester Wave™: Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions, Q2 2015” in which SAP is positioned as a leader – read the press announcement.

The analysis criteria used by Forrester spans three critical areas – Current Offering, Strategy, and Market Presence.  Based on the performance for all three criteria, vendors were positioned in The Wave as Leaders, Strong Performers or Contenders. (more…)

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How Can Customer Service Get Real-Time Benefits from Real-Time Speed?

The right information management strategy can help businesses gain new insights at incredibly fast, real-time speeds. However, making an informed decision based on accurate information is only the first step. You have to implement that decision across your organization in order to produce the desired outcomes. But how do you do that? (more…)

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Crossing the Chasm – Breaking the Barrier of Predictive Adoption through Automation and Intuitive Ease of Use

“Nothing is stronger than an idea whose time has come,” said Victor Hugo. And the time has certainly come for a comprehensive predictive analytics solution. We’re excited to announce the general availability of SAP Predictive Analytics, the successor of SAP InfiniteInsight and SAP Predictive Analysis. SAP Predictive Analytics will bring pervasive enablement of predictive across the organization with simplicity, ease of use, and productivity.


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Achieve Big Results with Big Data

Undoubtedly Big Data is here – and it’s growing even bigger by the second.

People get excited about Big Data, not just because it’s big but also because it holds the promise of providing big impact and return for the business.

But Big Data by itself is of little use. And so far, few organizations have been able to harness it and make a big impact on their business, whether it’s for customer retention, improving financial planning, or optimizing marketing campaigns. (more…)

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