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Big News on SAP Solutions for BI: Less Complex, More Accessible, Supports More Data Sources

Latest #askSAP Community Call Unveils How SAP Is Executing on its BI Strategy and Roadmap, with Plenty of Tips for Deriving Insight from Big Data

Did you miss the recent #askSAP Analytics Innovation call on Big Data Insight with dashboards and visualizations? You can now replay the session at any time to take advantage of very useful advice, and still have your questions answered at #askSAP. (more…)

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The 3rd Industrial Revolution: Considerations for Developing an Innovation Factory (Part 2)

In this series we are discussing the 3rd industrial revolution and its impact on information practices. This blog is the second of three parts on best practices for developing an innovation factory.

Universities are a big subject currently here at home as my son is off to study marine biology. His dream is discovery, and I truly admire his sense of adventure. Getting practical experience, as well as access to a wealth of knowledge, is in return charged out at about £100,000 (living costs and interest included). (more…)

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Answers To 5 Big Data Trend Questions

I was recently asked some questions by a journalist for Ziff Davis Media for an article on big data trends. Here are my answers:

What are the four biggest trends in big data use this year?

  1. The rise of big data discovery, which combines three of the hottest trends of the last few years in analytics: big data, data discovery, and data science. The emerging Big Data Discovery tools will be simpler to use than existing data science products, more accessible to a wider ranger of users, and offer more powerful manipulation of a wider variety of data sources. The tools will allow the rise of a new type of user: a “citizen data scientist.”


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SAP and Microsoft bring SAP Lumira to Apache Spark in the Cloud

For the last 20 years, SAP and Microsoft have partnered to develop joint solutions that benefit our customers. In 2014, this partnership was broadened to include more interoperability for our shared customers in cloud, BI and mobile.

Today, we’re excited to announce the ability for SAP Lumira to connect to Spark for Azure HDInsight allowing for interactive visualizations on top of Big Data. This demonstrates our continued commitment to deliver value to both SAP and Microsoft customers. (more…)

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Three Steps to Big Data Leadership

I saw a poster the other day, that said, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way.” It’s good advice for life in general but also for business. Companies today no longer need to constantly look in their rear view mirror to try and piece together what’s coming. Big Data is enabling them to take a forward-looking view of the business, bringing with it the potential to make meaningful changes to help them run simple. (more…)

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