Top 5 Analytics Predictions for 2015

by Pat Saporito, Global COE for BI, SAP

2014 was another banner year for data and analytics. Machine to Machine (M2M) morphed to The Internet of Things (IoT). Disruption was more threat than reality, yet some organizations did innovate. There was still a lot of focus on data and technology, less so on people and processes.

So I predict 2015 will be a year where organizations pay more attention to the “softer side” of analytics. Or more succinctly? As a colleague touted, “You can get the technology right, but it’s the people and processes that will kill you.” (more…)

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BI Doesn’t Guarantee Better Decisions, Only Better-Informed Decisions

by Kaan Turnali, Global Senior Director, Enterprise Analytics, SAP

In my blog, What is Business Intelligence (BI), I talked about faster, better-informed decision making. I want to expand on these two key pieces. What does it mean when we say “faster” decision making? And why do we say “better-informed” decisions instead of “better decisions?” (more…)

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Building A Company Culture Driven By Insights

By Jen Cohen Crompton, SAP

A common challenge CIOs and those responsible for business insights and/or innovation face, is that not everyone believes in these solutions – or more specifically, believes that how they do business needs to change and that new processes will provide that competitive edge.


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Beyond Analytics And Decision Making: How Collective Insight Transforms Corporate Culture

by Shelly Dutton

Data is everywhere. In everything we do, we are either creating, compiling, or analyzing it. For many companies, this abundance of data is viewed as an opportunity. Some even suggest that data analytics fuel business success. And others are even going beyond spreadsheets and what-if modeling, stepping into their data with augmented reality and 3D visualization. With all of these great applications and uses for collective insight, there’s a side effect very few consider – culture transformation.


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Drill for Real-Time Insight

by Dipali Mehta, Analytics Strategic Product Marketing, SAP

An oil well generates about 1 terabyte (TB) of production data per day. Each productive well generates the equivalent of the full-text data of Wikipedia every week, suggests an IDC 2013 Research Infographic. Exploration and production (E&P) companies are often at a loss for how to deal with such an unstoppable flood of data. (more…)

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