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GRC Tuesdays: Latest ACFE Report Shows Only Slow Improvement in the Fight Against Fraud: Could New Technologies Help?

By Jerome Pugnet, GRC Product Marketing, SAP

While the new bi-annual edition of the Report to the Nations of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) was being released recently, we published this short infographic titled “The Problem with Detecting Occupational Fraud” This infographic summarizes the challenges that aren’t adequately addressed by older tools, many of which are still in use. (more…)

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See The Beauty in Your Plans

by Ivo Bauermann, Global Vice President and General Manager, EPM Solutions, SAP

The famous industrial designer Dieter Rams knew good design, dating back to the 1960s when he had major success at Braun. Even today, Apple’s products are heavily influenced by Mr. Rams’ designs (see this comparison). One of his key principles is that designers should eliminate the unnecessary, that good design emphasizes usefulness and disregards anything that detracts from it.

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How to Stay Ahead of the Competition: 20 Tips from SAP Predictive Analytics

by Isabelle Nuage, Analytics, SAP

Today, organizations need to run at market speed and differentiate themselves by anticipating risks and opportunities in real time. With the competition growing more fierce, they have a much shorter time to act and react. The good news is that predictive technology is becoming accessible to non-data scientists and statisticians.


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Why You Shouldn’t Target the “Most Likely to Respond” Prospects

by Bruno Delahaye, Predictive Analytics, SAP

A few months ago, I was talking with a friend who happens to be one of the top executives in a large EMEA bank. He asked me a very intriguing question, “Why do you think my bank isn’t targeting the prospects who are the most likely to respond to my marketing campaign?” Despite scratching my head for few minutes, I didn’t come back with any reasonable answer.


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Cast Your Vote! Topic Selection for Next #askSAP Analytics Innovation Community Call

What are the #askSAP Analytics Innovations Community calls? They’re a quarterly series of LIVE, interactive calls hosted by SAP Analytics experts where we discuss SAP’s latest innovations in analytics. They’re also an opportunity for YOU to direct the discussion, get your questions answered, and come away with some useful advice.


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