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Analytics: Eliminating the Silo Effect

Just because something has always been that way, doesn’t make it right.

Most companies using analytics today – whether they’re on the cloud or on-premise – are challenged by the fact that the solutions are so fragmented. Traditionally, there’s always been a ‘silo’ approach, where capabilities are delivered by a host of different solutions. Visualization and forecasting as just two cases in point. (more…)

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GRC Tuesdays: The Role of a Risk Committee

Remember the dinosaurs from your history books? Extinct, right?

Well this is the way some companies are going because they focus all their efforts on looking backwards. And to me, this is precisely where Audit and Risk Committees  have a crucial role to play; not to focus on the same issues but have a different mind-set. (more…)

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Analytics – The Engine Room of More Successful Sales and Marketing

At SAP we use analytics to deliver unprecedented insights into customer behavior. In turn these insights are driving better decision making, better yields from marketing activities, and improved customer experiences. And ultimately, delivering more sales. And it’s working. In fact, SAP recently won the 2015 Genius Award for Excellence in Analytics-Driven Strategy. (more…)

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Analytics Excellence Is The Relentless Pursuit Of Driving Growth And Profitability

This is the first in a series of articles exploring how we can drive growth and profitability by pursuing analytics excellence. We will closely examine the elements of leadership, talent, and culture that are as critical—if not, more—to success than the technology itself.

According to IDC’s Digital Universe study, “digital data is doubling in size every two years; and by 2020, the digital universe is expected to contain nearly as many digital bits as there are stars in the universe.” This growth in hyperconnectivity is sending shockwaves across the global business landscape. For many companies, this deluge of data is challenging their ability to deliver analytics solutions, which may eventually exceed their capacity to supply and consume that information—if it hasn’t happened already. (more…)

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One Month. Four Events. ONE Talking Point!

The past few months have been a tornado of activity for the analytics team as we focused on the task of launching and announcing a brand new product – SAP Cloud for Analytics.

In the past a launch such as this would be managed independently by each respective solutions team, but this one has been different. The difference is the team collaboration, notably business intelligence (BI), enterprise performance management (EPM) and predictive. “Why?” you may ask. The answer is simple; SAP Cloud for Analytics comprises them all. (more…)

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