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GRC Tuesdays – Top 10 Benefits of GRC Software Solution vs. Office Tools

by Thomas Frenehard, GRC, SAP

In a recent client presentation, I was asked by the compliance team what I thought were the benefits of using a software solution versus office tools, such as spreadsheets, that were already used internally and that everyone knows how to use.


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Mobile Business Intelligence: One of the Key Topics at BI2014

by Kaan Turnali, Global Customer Operations (GCO) Reporting & Analytics Platform, SAP

Last week, I attended the SAPinsider BI 2014 conference in Orlando where I had the opportunity to speak with our customers and participate in sessions presented by my SAP colleagues as well as our partners.

If you haven’t seen them, don’t miss the daily summaries that include interviews posted by my colleague Marie Alami with our analytics social media team.


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SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio: Feedback from Early Adopters

I recently had the opportunity to join a networking call with a handful of SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio customers who wanted to share their product experiences with their peers. It was a great forum to hear directly from these customers about the key strengths of the software as well as opportunities for future improvements. As the product matures, many companies are considering or implementing the design studio, and I thought I’d briefly share key highlights from this very open discussion with early adopters.


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GRC Tuesdays: Internal Controls – Herbal Medicine for the Business

Internal controls have much in common with herbal medicine. In business today, internal controls are based on dogma and belief, embrace self-serving circular logic, and are rarely supported by any research or clinical studies.

Like herbal medicine, some internal control practices work, some don’t, and practitioners’ beliefs and experience (not facts and studies) drive standards.


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Big Data Solutions Transforming Medical Care One Patient at a Time

by Irfan Khan, SAP

William Osler, an influential 19th century Canadian physician and co-founder of Johns Hopkins Hospital, once observed that “the good physician treats the disease; the great physician treats the patient who has the disease.” While this standard is upheld as the goal of almost all caregivers, it is notoriously difficult to achieve in an era of large patient loads, demands for quick turnaround, and best practices derived from datasets. (more…)

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