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The Boardroom of the Future at SAPPHIRE NOW!

SAPPHIRE NOW was a whirlwind, packing more in a few days than a month at the office and sleeping about 15 hours in four days. My favorite part is talking to customers and partners to understand the challenges they’re trying to solve. I heard a lot about customer retention and predictive maintenance as well making SAP Apps smarter with predictive analytics. These are all fantastic initiatives that we are working on at SAP, and the buzz around predictive analytics (94 sessions!!) was energizing. (more…)

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How to Manage the Data Explosion and Benefit Your Customer

Today we are digitally connected, socially networked, and better informed. Customers live “in the moment,” interacting with friends and sharing their views with hundreds of thousands of fellow customers. They are changing the rules of engagement and, through that, becoming more empowered to make – or break brands overnight. This data explosion inside and outside the organization plus channel and device proliferation, creates turbulence that impacts every CMO. This leads to a ripple effect, necessitating that marketing departments become more technology-enabled and make the right investments in IT. (more…)

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Surveys Generate Data But Don’t Necessarily Replace Hard Data

Surveys, questionnaires, and polls generate data, but survey data and hard data aren’t the same thing. I often see them treated in the same light in the context of answering business questions or delivering actionable insight, and with equal zeal and qualification. But there are definite differences.

Understanding the difference between data collected from surveys vs. data generated from transactions or operations is crucial. It will help us find the relevant answers to our questions and also save us a lot of time and money in the process. (more…)

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GRC Tuesdays: A New Approach to Risk Oversight: A Lens to Look Through and Levers to Pull

Risk management continues to fall short of expectations. Surveys show boards and senior executives believe risk management is important, but also reflect an overwhelming dissatisfaction with the ability of boards and senior executives to effectively oversee risk management. (more…)

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SAP Finance Highlights from #SAPPHIRENOW

A famous German soccer coach once said, “After the world championship is before the world championship,” and this sentiment holds true for our annual SAP conference as well – after SAPPHIRE NOW equals before SAPPHIRE NOW. So, even though we’ve just enjoyed one of our best events ever, we’re already looking forward to topping it all in 2016 by continuing to simplify and modernize finance. Our goal is to help our customers gain real-time insight for better business results. (more…)

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